14 Apr 2010

DE HUMANI CORPORIS VOX FABRICA–LEZIONE D’ANATOMIA - GRUPPO ZËRI-T / april 15th 8.30 pm live broadcast on www.performanceseason.com

THURSDAY - APRIL 15th 2010......................

8.30 PM (GMT + 1)....................................


a lecturer explains to the audience the human speech processes - but during the exposition something in his diction gets stuck: illogical jump - babble and isolated groups of phonemes instead of fowing words and meaningful speech
de humani corporis vox fabrica - lezione d’anatomia is the second stage of a inorganic vocal research - started in 2008 with the performance 'ftiç' ('no entertainment at all!' by francesco ventrella and 1:1 project)
unlike the previous performance that was more choral and abstract - in this case the action is for solo voice and audio tool
the project wants to follow two parallel paths: to illustrate the continuity between a normal faculty of speech and a psycho-physical aphasic disorder - show the continuity between speech and no-mean sound
performer: alba droboniku (lecturer) - gabriele culurgioni - deborah di giacomo - valerio marini (medical) - a special thanks to ada pizzolorusso

the gruppo zëri-t is a theater group founded in 2003
its research investigates the double possibility of mutual correspondence between voice and image or their radical and extreme dissonance - towards a phonic-linguistic and visual defagration of the sense and meaning
the group produces performances - shows and video soundtracks
past performances: 'fram(molly)menti(bloom)' - 2004; 'performance-kamikaze no. 1 - homage to marius schneider'; 'ftiç' - 2007
shows: 'bloomenò' 2007 - video soundtracks: 'coup' 2009 - collaborations with the grossi maglioni magic duo: '# 2 interference' 2008; '# 4 do spirits return?' 2009

performance season/ performance-art didactic festival - is a project by the grossi maglioni magic duo in collaboration with vision forum and ksm linköpings universitet - sweden
the festival promotes historical/critical/ methodological research on performance art- and the exploration and development of on-line performances (OLP)
performance season will be available online - making it possible to participate in the performance program and all festival activities
the program includes performances and curator interviews in streaming - an on-line archive - participating artists’ presentations - and discussion forums on performance art themes
curators - artists and users can use the festival web channel for debates and for deepen their thought about on-line performance

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