19 Apr 2010

OXO performance - april 20th 8.30 pm live broadcast on www.performanceseason.com

TUESDAY - APRIL 20th 2010........................
8.30 PM (GMT + 1)....................................

PERFORMANCE BY OXO..............................

the oxo's action will sound out sensory feedback of the webcam world - playing on the state passages that inevitably it entails

at the mouth of the studio caronte oxo was born
do not tell in oxo: he moves and creates - he transforms everything into sound and the sound designs masks
oxo collects environment informations and elaborates its contents - oxo gives to the context an illusion of possible changes
oxo is fluid that seeps into the cracks of our personality and breaks into the daily like a flood
the group is a free combination of creative people
every oxo performance is different from the previous - it is like a work to re/do – re/design
the actions are strokes of color: sounds and bodies in a continuous circular motion from inside to outside - between the analog and digital
the search of rejected materials that generate sound - are fundamental contents of oxian a-poetic
who sees oxo breathe oxo - who touches oxo becomes oxo - who photographer oxo is oxo
performance season/ performance-art didactic festival - is a project by the grossi maglioni magic duo in collaboration with vision forum and ksm linköpings universitet - sweden
the festival promotes historical/critical/ methodological research on performance art- and the exploration and development of on-line performances (OLP)
performance season will be available online - making it possible to participate in the performance program and all festival activities
the program includes performances and curator interviews in streaming - an on-line archive - participating artists’ presentations - and discussion forums on performance art themes
curators - artists and users can use the festival web channel for debates and for deepen their thought about on-line performance

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