23 Apr 2010

SKIP SKIP SKIP - SIMON HITZIGER & JEAN-FRANÇOIS ROBARDET / from april 23rd to 25th 10am to 5pm live broadcast on www.performanceseason.com

FROM FRYDAY 23rd TO SUNDAY 25th - APRIL 2010 .......................
NON STOP FROM 10 AM TO 5 PM (GMT + 1).................................


SKIP SKIP SKIP.................................................................
CATEGORY: RANDOM PERFORMANCE.........................................

SKIP SKIP SKIP is a project by simon hitziger and jean-françois robardet - following their duet shows 'autoreverse' (2007) and 'fast forward' (2010) it takes place in the international project 'the invisible generation' by per hüttner and daniele balit after having participated to the 'tig' project in melbourne - robardet proposed to hitziger to continue their research by working on the same show in different locations indeed - robardet will be working in ukrain while hitziger will do the same in france - during three days every day - installations will be built and dismantled at night every step of the work will be hosted and streamed on the performance season website
SKIP SKIP SKIP is launched parallel to robardet's personal research - duet show 'ken!' with curator yulia usova and 'caredig' song composed with yoann bourreau and created on ukrainian radio

simon hitziger (1980) - lives and works in nancy
simon hitziger uses the exhibition space as a support for work - he adapts forms - objects or parts of architecture to take them out of their original context or to modify the sense of it
his reflexion is based on various concepts such as transition or evolution - as they can be physical or mental the artist sensitivity develops in the industrial world and urban spaces of transition - like building sites in construction or demolition - in which he finds his aesthetic reference marks parallel to his production of sculptures and installations - simon hitziger built a pictorial universe composed by drawings and photographs he connects voyages and dreams by proposing means of transport means with their fall and hang points

jean-françois robardet (1980) - works where he lives
in his practice - robardet addresses themes such as unity and anarchy - nature - place of human into nature - autonomy and wait - absence - loneliness and relationship - by using every medium without preference and combining several media within one and/or several systems as part of in-site installations or autonomous object - each piece branches off with the shape of a family tree - generated in different times and locations - such as an invisible anatomy establishing networks and bonds between collectors each exhibition is an occasion to create a new piece and each creation is shown only once - then -depending on the situation - it can be documented - acquired - transformed or destroyedsince 2007 - he develops a project based on scientific aspects - eliminating superstitious and magical issues
he concurrently develops his practice as a curator

performance season/ performance-art didactic festival - is a project by the grossi maglioni magic duo in collaboration with vision forum and ksm linköpings universitet - sweden
the festival promotes historical/critical/ methodological research on performance art- and the exploration and development of on-line performances (OLP)
performance season will be available online - making it possible to participate in the performance program and all festival activities
the program includes performances and curator interviews in streaming - an on-line archive - participating artists’ presentations - and discussion forums on performance art themes
curators - artists and users can use the festival web channel for debates and for deepen their thought about on-line performance 

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