15 Mar 2010

FITNESS INCREASING IN SPRING - KRISTINE HYMØLLER / march 16th 8.30pm live broadcast on www.performanceseason.com

TUESDAY - MARCH 16th 2010......................
8.30 PM (GMT + 1)....................................

BETWEEN CATEGORIES: THEATER / GENDER PERFORMANCE....................................

'attention, attention' in the land of power and beauty
fitness increasing in spring presents an improvised choreography between one male athlete - oneballerina and one messenger
while the athlete and the ballerina are exposing their bodies in the most sublime matters during a workout - a messenger is broadcasting sentences from today’s news reflecting on male and female entities - institutionalization and social roles
sculptural requisites covers parts of the body - at the same time 'replicas' of sportive gear coordinate the motion
together they formulate a zero degrees dance based on gesticulations that transposes gymnastic activity into a cardinal sculptural language
performers participant: simon tanguy - maria kuchowicz - kristine hymøller; camera: frederico bonelli

kristine hymøller (1972) born in denmark - live and work in amsterdam (nl) - where she studied at gerrit rietveld academy fine arts BA 1997/00 and sandberg institute fine arts MFA 2000/03
'fitness increasing in spring' belongs to a new corporal body of sculptural works including installation objects - photographs and recently performance
in summer 2009 she participated in the performance 'half-eaten thought with or without the popular unnecessary girlish love' by the greek artist h.o.p.e epoh; the same year she made the performances 'twosome' – 'abs-six-pack' - followed by series of performative sculptural photos
lately she participated in exhibitions such as '10 years of the one minutes' - kunsthal kade - amersfoort (nl); 'xvi sculpture triennial' - poznan (pl); 'a days darkness in a light bulb'- arti et amicitiae - amsterdam (nl); 'charlottenborgs spring exhibition' - copenhagen (dk); 'world one minute' - todays art museum - beijing (ch)

performance season/ performance-art didactic festival - is a project by the grossi maglioni
magic duo in collaboration with vision forum and ksm linköpings universitet - sweden
the festival promotes historical/critical/ methodological research on performance art- and the exploration and development of on-line performances (olp)
performance season will be available online - making it possible to participate in the performance program and all festival activities
the program includes performances and curator interviews in streaming - an on-line archive - participating artists’ presentations - and discussion forums on performance art themes
curators - artists and users can use the festival web channel for debates and for deepen their thoughtabout on-line performance

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