2 Aug 2009

Open Call Performance Season/ Performance-Art Didactic Festival special web edition 09/10

For Vision Forum 2009 The Grossi Maglioni Magic Duo proposes a festival of performance-art.
Several appointment between november 2009 and february 2010.

Live performance on web, archive production and lectures will encourage the participation of many artists from different places.

Every event could include presentations of the artists and talks around the "performance category", live performance and work on the archive.
Web-tv apart we are involving galleries, schools and art platforms in rome.

The goal for our proposal is to study and work around the performance art practice and its possible categories in a certain didactic approach

The research category for this Performance Season edition are:

REENACTMENT PERFORMANCE = reenactment of past performances; reenactment in General; retrace an historic event or the life of someone; identification, historical and anthropological research

PERFORMANCE THEATER = stage actions in not conventional spaces; performance for many bodies and performance for only one body; actorial; mix of various media; non-narrative performances

RANDOM PERFORMANCE = non planned actions; chaos applied to the performance; indefinite, linear and / or cyclic time; overcoming social limits or psychological pressure, public space performance, tasks performance

GENDER PERFORMANCE = performance to overcome physical limits; identity research, sexual background, roles exchange; disguising

Every performance categories comprise many subcategories, in order to make easy bring a performance in one of that four fields: we are not working in a reductionist way at all, as we are not interested in a strict classification, but we are trying to give many possibilities of inclusion.

Every performer can propose one or more project, and every proposal have to identify in one of these big range, considering also that the performance will be done in real time on web.

The performances have not limits about time or course of action but needs to be visible through the webcam or videocamera attached to your computer.

The performances will not be recorded from the tv channel, so the archive will be composed by any other documentation (photo, text, instruction, videostill) that we need to collect after the performance live.

If you are interested send us your project and your past work documentation (portfolio, cv, links) at performanceseason@gmail.com